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An advertisement for Coombe Hill School Kings Langley

From a Schools Handbook 1912



This historic Priory, now adapted to the purposes of a School, stands at a height of some 400 feet above sea level, commanding beautiful views across a common and over the Valley of the Gade.  The air is particularly healthy and bracing.
There are 10 acres of orchards, gardens, and playing fields.
The School provides for girls to the age of 18, and for boys to 14, a modern education based on the principles of educational science.
The training is individualistic, and aimed at inculcating accuracy and independence of thought, self reliance, habits of courtesy and consideration of others, and  the power of bringing an enlightened reason to bear on questions of conduct.
The requirement of information is regarded as a means to an end, and is subordinated to the development of  faculty: therefore, in each branch of  instruction, be it mathematical, scientific, or artistic, the pupils are trained to approach the problems set before them as independent investigators, to make observations for themselves, and to acquire the power of correctly expressing their ideas.
The system followed does not encourage the working up for Public Examinations during the School course; if, however, University or other certificates are required for any practical purpose, the necessary preparation is undertaken.
As a truly rational system of education has for its object a perfect state of health, both in mind and body, the training of the physical powers is concurrent with that of the mental.  Much time is spent out of doors in free exercises (so much more beneficial than set exercises), such as a dancing, running, jumping, as well as in the ordinary  outdoor games.  Cricket, tennis, hockey, lacrosse, botanising and Natural History research all form the occasion for spending a large portion of each day in the open air.
Throughout the School course, one or more branches of handiwork are followed, including woodwork, basket weaving, needlework, etc.
All pupils are instructed in the various branches of housework, and each is given some special charge in house or garden, the practical side of the training assisting the intellectual, and vice versa.
In relation to domestic matters, diet, clothing, ventilation, baths, position while studying etc., hygienic principles of systematically carried out.
Boys and girls from abroad are received for entire charge at  special inclusive fees.
For terms, references, and all other particulars, application should be made to the Principals.


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